Rolex is recognised across entire world as being the designer and manufacturer of the most coveted watches. It not only offers style and elegance but also quality and all those technical features that make a watch worth its price. However, some of these watches are not readily available. This means you have to wait months or even years to acquire them – Rolex as a company put a limit on the number of watches to be produced every year, to build exclusivity.

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Because your luxury watch carries a significant value, you can’t just stick it on an auction site or Craigslist without some serious consideration. Selling a watch can be quite overwhelming, particularly if it’s the first time you’ve done it so there’s no embarrassment in getting a little help and advice.

You’re in the mood to buy a new luxury watch. What brand will you choose? Perhaps, it is a Rolex. You want to invest in a reputed luxury watch, what brand will you choose? It is Rolex, yet again, as you can always sell Rolex london at an increased value. But why is it so? People not just love the brand but consider it a symbol of success, power, class, and elegance.

Here are our top 5 tips for selling your watch successfully so you get the best sale price.

1. Find a Reputable Dealer

There are various routes for selling a luxury watch. There are online marketplaces such as eBay and Craigslist and also dedicated websites and watch forums. Pawn shops are another option as are jewelers who deal in secondhand goods and also auction houses.

The best option for selling a high-quality watch to get the best possible price is a hatton garden metal. This is because a watch dealer:

  • will keep their eye on the pre-owned market to analyze prices and changing trends
  • will probably have been around for quite some time and will have a good reputation and a solid customer base. This can be checked through testimonials and review sites
  • will have an efficient and secure platform for trading – usually a brick-and-mortar store and a website.

2. How Much My Rolex Is Worth?

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If you happen to be someone who saves all your receipts, you’re in luck. Bringing your original receipt of purchase to the watch buyer will prove how much you paid for the Rolex new, giving the appraiser a better idea of its worth.

It may also discourage them from lowballing you. If you’ve hung on to any maintenance or repair receipts, bring those along as well. This shows the watch was well taken care of and is in good condition, increasing the amount they’ll be willing to pay you.

3. Always Get a Quote

Usually, a preowned watch dealer will have an online form you can submit. The form will ask for your watch‘s identification details such as those mentioned above and you’ll probably be asked to upload some photos.

Take very good photos of your watch. Watches aren’t the easiest thing to photograph so spend a little time getting pictures with close-up details, good color representation, and without glare. Get some clues from social media or watch websites.

4. Find the Reference Number

If you don’t have the original receipt for your Rolex watch and can’t remember how much it cost, that’s not a problem. Simply locate the reference or model number on the watch. This is a four- to six-digit number engraved on the side of the case that can only be seen by removing the watch band.

If you have the original paperwork or manual that came with your watch, this number can likely be found there as well. This number will give you something to go by when doing your research and help to determine its value.

5. Send Your Watch For Inspection

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The best option, if possible, is to visit your preferred dealer in person. If so, make sure you see a professional and experienced dealer to do the valuation and not just a general salesperson. If you have to send your watch away, you need to be sure it is safe in transit. A reputable watch dealer will advise you on the best method to send the watch to them and will usually cover the cost of insurance. Some will also cover the cost of shipping. Check the terms and conditions of having the watch returned to you too, if you do not accept the dealer’s offer.

Where Can I Sell My Rolex Watch?

When selling such a valuable item, finding someone who buys Rolex watches can be tricky. It’s best to search for a reputable jeweler and avoid auction websites like eBay or meeting up with someone from hatton garden metal to sell rolex. These options are often riskier than they’re worth, and you might end up without either a watch or the money. Pawn shops are good for quick cash, but they won’t offer you nearly as much as someone with the proper knowledge on the value of luxury watches.